Turn around damaged tires to make them useful

Various parts of the car are recycled by disumantler cars. Desmantler cars sell the technical parts, reshape those that can be repaired and sold. There are some parts like worn tires that need to be thrown away cautiously as they are huge. They are also formed in a way that can not be analyzed biologically.

Car tires are designed to last a long time. But when it reaches the end of life, that is to say when it is worn or damaged, it can harm the environment.
Let's see how neglected tires affect the environment:
• The number of tires eliminated annually is very high. If the executives are abandoned, they will occupy a lot of space.
• Damage to burial pads and rodent growth.
• They absorb about 40 to 63 years to decompose completely in the landfill.
• Discharge panels are damaged by tires and soil and water pollution.
• Eliminate tires that contain methane, which makes it prosperous. Then, the bubbles on the surface negatively affect the burial pads.

In the last few years, nothing can be done about abandoned tires.
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recycling methods used:
Tearing the surrounding
It is a matter of shredding a tire in small pieces with a knife at room temperature.
Grinding chilled
In this case, the liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the tires at a temperature below zero. This causes changes in the physical properties of the tires that make them fragile. The frame is then placed in a container and shredded with hammers.
Recycled tires find many applications
Cement manufacturing
Older tires are widely used as alternative fuels in the manufacture of Portland cement.
Recycled rubber is used to manufacture a number of products
Thus, we believe that modern technology has introduced methods such as recycling that benefit the environment.

By recycling tires, we not only protect our environment, but also create a variety of useful products in a cost-effective manner.

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