Signs of failure Automatic gearbox

Box play a very important role in various applications. It transmits the power of the engine (torque) to the rear wheels through a series of gears come out, make smooth and coincided with perfection. Fluid and gearbox parts functions as liquid from the power source rotates and drives the pressurized gears while keeping the lubricated and fresh internal parts.

Each mechanic component may fail if it has many problems, so do not need automatic gears that are also called automatic transmission tray. You may also encounter various operational problems over time. The default can bring a lot of trouble for you. So, you need to pay attention to signals that can give you a little help to prevent it from happening.

Leaks is a very clear sign of failure. Gearbox mainly from external sources leaked since its design is a closed system. For example, if it is worn or the transmission input shaft seals the output plate, there will be a leak at the end of the rear The articulation of the first-line motor U-) or the bottom of the bell housing. You need to keep track of all the leaks down and repaired gearbox repairs.

If the transmission filter is dirty, there may be a sign of this problem. Automatic gearboxes have in the main screen pan-filtering. Each filter traps foreign metal chips and debris and prevents them from entering the channels and sensitive passages in the valve of the body's gearbox. Will be dirty or gearbox red liquid contaminated is not clean, but it looks muddy or yellow.

Insufficient transmission fluid in the system can be the most common form of automatic sliding speed of the magazine, overheating or other process will be. If you get the transmission fluid is too low, and the remaining liquid can not be picked up by the pump and circulates through the system. Less fluid results in a low temperature control, which leads to a fluid at high temperature and the transmission would lose his wife.

In addition to the signs listed above, there are still many others, such as link gears and electric transformer control box and so on. They are all very important for you to look out for when it starts to miss speed gearbox design gear.

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