The effect of fat on the life of the gear motor

As far as we know, the train is important for the transfer of vehicles. Thus, the life of the gears of the car to have a direct relationship with the efficient cars. During the gear transmission car, and the role of the lubricant can not be overlooked. The quality of the lubricant determines the life of the equipment. In the following article, we will discuss the impact of the lubricant in the cycle of work and the car.

What comes first is the choice of lubricants. There are two types of criteria, namely the speed and transmission status. Way to move the gears of the car and close the transmission type. This method of transmission, must choose a lubricant depends on the peripheral speed of the craft. When the speed is less than 13m / sec, we should soak the large equipment in the oil basin. When the gearbox up the car, they bring lubricant to the connection region. When the speed is more than 13M / sec, if there is enough oil in the area of ​​connectivity, there's a lot of oil in the gearbox and the oil will be thrown, and can not access in the connecting region.

As a result, fail to lubrication purposes, it will reduce the life of the gear. In short, when you add people to the transmission oil, and they must respect the conditions mentioned above. Otherwise, the life will be reduced and the use of car engines. If there is enough lubricant but a little improper, because it would have a bad influence on the life of the gear of the car. Lubricant types can set the terms of the transfer. For example, when using the speed deviation, and lubricant is the same as the manual gear transmission used.

Then, the life of the drive gear has a close relationship with the aging of the lubricant. If using a lubricant for a long time, he is old. To some extent, this will reduce the time of use and efficiency of the machine. With continuous movement, some agents, in addition to that produced some of the external issues, and therefore the function of these additions will be weaker and weaker.

Even the train will be defeated. Therefore, people should often check whether the lubricant in the case of aging. How people identify lubricants and aging? A good way to check the carbon particles on the surface of the wheel of the car. If there is no carbon particles at all, people can judge the particle must be included in the lubricants and thus loses oil box and lubricant use for them. To prolong the life of equipment and must be replaced lubricating oil at the same time.

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