Techniques (Technologies) used in auto mechanics

  The day that a mechanic could do his job with a good set of keys left. Cars use sophisticated electrical systems that are powered by computers. To work on cars produced since the 21st century, auto mechanics Need an arrangement of technology, new and old, to work on cars.

Although hydraulic technology in cars has advanced since the days of iconic 50s, some tools that rely on hydraulic systems are as useful as ever. Hydraulic tools use the liquid force or compressed gas to produce and maintain, great vigor. This is useful in elevators that lift cars to mechanics have greater mobility in the work on the car chassis. This same force is used in power tools to quickly loosen or tighten the bolts.

DTC drives

Computers have made the working diagnosis of a car problem a much faster process. Instead of having to hunt sounds or symptoms of performance, the computer system of the car can say what systems do not work correctly and bring them to the error codes. To read these error codes, use a mechanical device - from 2010 he was the OBD-II - that hooks into a particular port in the vehicle cabin to interface with the car's computer and displaying error codes.

computer diagnostic software

auto mechanics can use the port that interfaces with the car's computer for more than just retrieving error codes. With the right software and son, mechanics can plug their laptops into the car itself to retrieve real-time information from the car's computer. This can display data such that the temperature of the vehicle coolant, fluid levels, the absolute accelerator position and the absolute pressure of the intake manifold. Get all this information at once saves the car mechanic lot of time to examine your car.
Running with cars such as multimeters sophisticated computers, they also have sophisticated electrical systems to power. To diagnose problems in these systems, auto mechanics use multimeters. These devices can measure current, voltage and resistance. Advanced multimeters can even provide the data for the system frequency and duty cycle. The engineers can use these data to determine whether the origin of your car will not start is because he has a bad battery or a problem in the charging system.

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