How to start car with a weak battery?

   Driving is a passion rather than a prerequisite of our daily lives. While on board the car, we have always loved being on the driver's seat and the driver's seat is a pleasure occupies in our lives. Dreamlife when first we desire to be the owner of the car. For we give comfort, luxury, and status in the eyes of passersby.

We approach our press a button on the car on the remote control, and occupies the driver's seat and keep to our destination. We do not need to wait for the bus. We do our part for the crowd to rush for a seat on the local trains and subways not do. We consider ourselves happy families and in possession of the price, which is a car.
Although all the above, we sometimes become the target of a strange look of the spectators when our car breaks down stop traffic or to become and vehicles on our backs and honk influence on us. We sometimes landing in trouble because of simple errors in our car, or because of bad experiences, we have in leadership.
Let us discuss a common problem that we face with our cars and possible ways to address them without taking the help of some instructors auto mechanic:

The car will not start because of low battery:

If our car battery is more than 19 months, while the ability to recharge, and in turn, provide the proper power for self-writer to start the car, and significantly reduced. In such cases, let us know and garages to replace the battery with a new one. However, in the meantime, we need to know how to start the vehicle.
We face a similar problem when we keep our car is not used for long periods, the battery on its own.

1. Payment Start:

There are two ways to start the car with a weak battery. The first is our former "Push the start. User Guide provided by carmakers and the car does not recommend that way to start the car. However, we must use this method if the stopped car in a remote location where there is no other way to transfer car and reach a safe place.

First, take appropriate measures to move the car manually. Here are some ways to move the car manually to the "beginning of the remuneration. Put your car on the gradient and down and let the car roll down enough to capture the speed to move it to the 2ND gear. The other way is to take the help of someone to push the car back to reach the required speed.

Now, before you have to move the car to take the driver's seat and take the following steps in the correct sequence:

Move the shift lever in gear 2ND '; press the full range clutch. Press the gas pedal a little, insert the key and customized for "a change of position." Now ask someone to drive the car as described in paragraph up. Wait for a vehicle to reach the required speed. Then, release the clutch until the engine starts. lead vehicle start.
Push the clutch again and put the gear lever to "neutral. Now either the engine idles and only lead to your destination.

2. Go to start:

The recommended way to start the car by "start" system break. For this, you need a well-charged battery, or you can use any other battery powering the car. Now, you must have a pair of two-meter long strong electrical cables thick enough to withstand 30 amps load. should be properly attached alligator clips on both ends of the cables. patented cable ready "to jump-start" is also available in the market, and it is advisable to have a pair of cables in our car for crisis management.

And "Jump Start" a simple procedure. Bring another car near the car. Connect the red cable to the favorable harbor (+ sign) from the batteries of the two cars, connect the black cable to the negative ports (NB) - from each of the batteries. By doing this, you connect the fully charged battery of another car to car. In other words, you can now use the battery of another car to your own car.

Now occupies the seat. Move the shift lever to "neutral; paddling pay the clutch assembly; .. Insert the key into the slot and start the car, as usual, to keep the application running the engine break the hand to allow the car to be "neutral, let rest the ignition key in the slot. Open the driver window glass door and out of the car and leave the engine in the "Idle run.

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Remove the cables and keep them in your trunk. Conversion another car to its original place. Now you should be removed for recharging the battery of your car. Go for a long trip at least 5-10 km perhaps less speed and essentially without putting on the sector.

This way, it will charge the battery for regular use. In certain types of batteries, you need to examine the level of acid in the battery. If you go to the lower level of distilled water was poured through the opening caps with the help of the same coin.
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