All Wheel Drive Technology of 2016

Subaru tech four-wheel drive differs from AWD and another drive system four wheel drive (4WD). Despite the possibility of confusion, AWD and 4WD are not the same thing: most of the differences that have put the Subaru system in its own category. Or not found in the end it will be higher, however, it is determined by a number of variables, including your own experiences with the system.

AWD and 4WD similarities
Both AWD systems and 4WD have power flowing through the engine to the transmission transfer case. transfer case is responsible for directing power through the columns of the differentials front and rear of the car. The differences are that the division of power between your two pairs of wheels (front and rear).

4WD defects
4WD transfer cases used to tell all your wheel systems to do the same, and the division of power until uniform rotation at the same speed for each other. AWD systems allow front and rear wheels operate independently of each other, which can be useful to get out of difficult situations - such as slippery, especially when cornering.

Finally, most 4WD systems, even when they are full 4WD, 2WD will only systems (front or rear, depending on the vehicle) until the system senses slippage of one or more wheels . It is the reaction system, instead of the active system.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive
Subaru AWD system takes the concept even further by being symmetrical. Much more than just something remarkable for public relations, planning of Subaru vehicles with chains payroll is exactly what the name suggests. The design of the boxer engine mounted longitudinally big a piece, and not several small pieces put together to rethink. The sides of the traction chain reflect each other, and with a low center of gravity of the engine, which creates a more balanced distribution of weight throughout the car. The biggest advantage of this is that the direct and clean around the engine, the transmission rate of strength, transfer case columns - making it on your own wheels, with a minimum of interference. Other systems AWD and 4WD require the ability to flow through the angles of 90 degrees. On paper, this may not seem like much, but each additional step it takes to get the engine power to the wheels of your time costs, perhaps the power - and efficiency.

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