About used car sales office of 2016

Avis, and sells its products to the public after they have been used in connection with the car rental fleet. More than market rent retired when they are less than 40,000 miles and displaced less than 2.5 years.

wrong concepts
Some people think that buying a former rental at Avis bad for several people driving cars and take care of them because they are not alone. They believe that the old car rental revisions are not in good condition. But Avis rental car and the best maintenance and services by the company out of the car owned by the average consumer.

Notices will provide maintenance reports and detailed incident reports when buying the old building. All of this comes with 12 months warranty 13,000 miles, regardless of age or mileage of the car. Avis offers extended warranties at additional cost to the Finance House, it will be negotiated.

AutoNation Direct
AutoNation is a direct facilitator of the Avis car sales "used in Florida, Colorado and California. Visit the site allows you to preview the car in front, make, model, price and style.


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