Volkswagen unveils its first electric car for long distances

Volkswagen unveiled the first electric car for long distances, declaring "a new era" for the company to draw a line under the scandal diesel emissions.

Is the identity of the concept of VW vehicle primarily for the production of a car with a range of up to 600km (373 miles) on a single charge, and is expected to go on sale in 2020, the company will say at the Paris Motor Show on Thursday. It is scheduled to be available from 2025 copy Resume command.

The decision of the German company highlights how the race between carmakers and create new entrants in the industry to produce an electric car with a market boom intensifies.
Volkswagen has said he wants a new electric car to be "revolutionary as it was seven decades since the Beetle and Golf was 40 years ago."

The car is intended to be the first new series aims to push the target to sell 1M electric cars by 2025.

It was programmed to score after the scandal of emissions, which VW last year admitted to 11M diesel cars worldwide have been equipped with fraud programs that have worked to reduce discharges of harmful nitrogen oxides official tests.

Transmitted scandal in the worst crisis in the history of VW and the company is particularly criticized the United States to market its cars "clean diesel", as the organizers have found each on emissions of oxides road nitrogen by up to 40 times the permitted level.

With the adoption of electric cars, and Volkswagen hopes to restore the image ragged environmental concern.

While Volkswagen sells an electric version of its popular Golf, its range is only 118 miles away, which means it is not a viable alternative to a car powered by a gasoline or diesel engine for most consumers.

But based automakers now focusing on electric vehicles capable of traveling more than 200 miles on a single production load.

It is expected to reveal the Ombra- E Opel exhibition in Paris, the European arm of General Motors.

It is based on the electric car Chevrolet Bolt, a subsidiary of General Motors again, which should be on sale next year, with a range of 238 miles at a price of $ 37,500.

Tesla and newcomer make luxury electric vehicles, including sport utility vehicles, aims to produce a family of sample 3 by 2018, with a range of 215 miles, and is priced at about 35,000 $.

The new electric car company VW, once in production, and will be comparable to the price of golf, which are sold in the UK for £ 20,000 ($ 26,000).

The German group has suspended its future on zero-emission cars, saying that he wanted one of the four vehicles sold for fully electric by 2025.

He said the Volkswagen concept car ID will be built on a new platform designed for electric vehicles, which can be configured differently because of the absence of a substantial internal combustion engine.

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