How to sell a car in New York 2018?

  How to sell a car in New York

When you sell your car to New York, follow several steps to ensure that you stick to the New York Department of Motor Vehicles guidelines. The guidelines include rules for the purchase, sale, titling, and registration of the car. Follow all appropriate procedures to ensure that you fulfill your legal obligations.

1 Find a buyer

Make sure your car has been evaluated, maintained and is in excellent condition. Post an ad online on sites like Craigslist and eBay, in local newspapers or put up flyers and posters in your neighborhood. Highlight the main features of your car, for example, warranty, low mileage, and safety features. Post pictures of your next car functions.

2 Gather documents.

You will need proof of ownership, which is the title of your car. If you have misplaced your title, request a replacement using the MV-82TON form. New York requires you to present to the buyer the damage of your car and an odometer disclosure statement, the MV-103 form if this information is not on the back of your title. Also, proof of donation or purchase is required, what is the status of the transaction, the DTF-802 form.

Write a Bill of Sale for a Used Car

3 Remove the registration sticker and license plates.

The buyer is responsible for the acquisition of new plates, registration and title to the New York DMV office near you. Remove the license plate and also your registration sticker from the windshield of your car. Introduce them to the DMV office near you, or you can transfer them to another drive before they expire. Ignoring this will lead to the suspension of your license.

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