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 You recently painted your car last model in vehicle restoration process. All is well, but the strong smell of paint. The smell is present inside the car, and the smell is not only stronger, but it is also the source you have respiratory problems. You do not have to breathe paint fumes. Getting rid of a smell of paint is difficult, but it can be done with time and some household products.

Park the car in a well-ventilated area as a refuge or driveway safely.

Cleaning the inside of the car with a cleaning pad which has a fragrance. Use a sponge and wearing latex gloves. You want to clean the seats, dashboard and other interior areas of the car to remove any accumulation of paint odor that may be present.

Pour into a plastic container 1 c. white vinegar and 1 tsp. a scent like lavender or another extract.

Place the plastic container in the center of the car on the floor console or center.
Place several dryer sheets under the car seats.

Close the car doors and make sure that all the windows are up. Keep container in the car overnight.

Remove the plastic container the next day if you plan to drive the car and sprayed the car with a removal spray smells. Once you're at home, place the bowl in the car for about a week before checking the smell. dryer sheets changed daily.

Check the strength of the paint smell inside the car after the time is up. If the odor is still present, keep the bowl in the car for about a week before checking the smell. Keep changing the dryer sheets every other day.

Spray a scent eliminating spray after a week to remove any lingering odor paint that may still be present.

Tips: Try not to use the vehicle for at least a week, and leave the vinegar to attract the smell of paint from the inside.

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